HOW to force JVB2 take Momory more than 4GB

Hello all dev.

How to force JVB2 take Momory more than 4GB , I have VMware Server install jitsimeet It work perfectly, My vm Server resource vCPU 4 core RAM 16GB HD120GB , I see in WEBMIN tool for monitor Server.
I see JVB2 only use memoey less than 4GB , my server has 20-30 participant per Room.

Do you see out of memory errors in JVB? We do not advise you to touch that. Bringing more memory is not good in come cases, in this for example. This makes the gc to use more cpu as running longer … which can cause bad performance in moments. If you need more room for more users, deploy new jvb.

Do you mean , Make JVB Loadbaland ? Can i Follow this Tutorial right ?