How to force base URL

I’m trying to force the access to jitsi with a specific base URL.

Instead of accessing the rooms via I want to force the URL to be

Please note I’m not trying to automatically rewrite adding “meeting”, but rather only allow access to rooms if the “meeting” is included in the URL. If “meeting” is not provided in the URL, then I show the 404 page

I’m trying to play around with the apache config file for jitsi with not much luck.

One way I thought of doing is to create a meeting directory and move all the files from the DocumentRoot under the meeting directory, but then I don’t know how to configure the standard RewriteRule for /index.html

Any suggestions?


I wondered if you had made any progress with this? I too am trying to put the url one level down so I can introduce a login page.
Grateful for any insight.


Did you solve this, i have the same problem, can you please tell me how you solved it?



Unfortunately I have not managed to get very far with this. I am hopeful someone in the community might be able to provide some guidance and solve it.

Sorry, I’m continuing to look at how this might be possible.