How to force a certain language for Jitsi Meet web interface?

I think the title explains what I want to do.

Currently there are 50 different languages available. The web interface picks one of them – depending on the browser settings. I’d like to disable this mechanism on server side.

Is there any way to do this without recompiling the sources?

Yes, it is possible by changing two configuration files.
First you can disable language detection by setting


inside the /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js

after that you set the default language in
for example to set the default language to Swedish use:
defaultLanguage: 'sv',


Works perfectly!
Thank you!!

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This file can get overwritten when you upgrade jitsi

you can change the /etc/nginx/sites-enables/ file to keep a copy of this file at a different location so that your setting stay after an upgrade.

the alternative is that you remember to change this file after each jitsi-meet upgrade.

Hi guys!
What if I want a sudden set of languages ‘en’,‘de’,‘fr’ and no other, is this possible, of just forcing one particular with LANG_DETECTION: false?

To force just few languages, you need to edit languages.json and rebuild the web app and redeploy it.

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