How to fix moderator control using JitsiMeetExternalAPI

Hello, @damencho
I am doing lots of tries to fix moderator control using JitsiMeetExternalAPI
but still not able to get achieve so can you please advise for the same and also please advise another way for the fix moderator control. Thanks in advance.

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Can you please elaborate a bit on what you are trying to achieve? “fix moderator control” is a tad scant in details.

Hello @saghul,

Thanks for the quick reply.

My goal: when we create conference during that time I have to set on moderator it will fix and another member is an as normal user. when the moderator is left from the conference room during that time moderator should not be a swipe.

(A)I have tried using enableUserRolesBasedOnToken this parameter but not able to achieve solution.
(B) i have also try using jitsi-token-moderation-plugin but still same issues.

I have followed the below-listed link for configuration:-

(A)How to make a single moderator

So can you please advice for the same.
thanks in advance.

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Any updates on this ? or references

Some guys on this telegram can help.