How to find exact git commit that corresponds to unstable version tab?

I’m using Jitsi in production and we installed a unstable version to get VP9. All is roses except that the DominantSpeaker message has double-escaped JID - this would surely be trivial to fix, if I could but figure out what git commit to even start from to reproduce that exact JVB version. All unstable versions future of that (430) have other issues with our setup right now - anyway, so, how to I find a git commit id that corresponds to the JVB version number (originally downloaded from and I gather -430-gb98fd1ff is the version)

b98fd1ff is the hash.

Ahh. I see. It’s the first 8 chars of it. Thank you!

Sideline - How’s VP9 working in your deployment? Do you experience the expected bandwidth savings?

We haven’t noticed a huge bandwidth savings (we weren’t looking for one), but the perceived image quality is much better (The users like it). We had a number of people make positive comments on the picture quality.

What version of Jitsi are you running?