How to enter video and audio off

hello guys!
does anyone know how to inform me how can i enter in video conference with video and audio off?
I am using
JitsiMeetJS.createLocalTracks({facingMode:“user”, devices: [ ‘audio’, ‘video’ ] })


You can do something like this:

   const startAudioMuted = true;
   const startVideoMuted = true;
   const tracks = await JitsiMeetJS.createLocalTracks(options);
   tracks.forEach(track => {
     if (
        (track.isAudioTrack() && startAudioMuted) ||
        (track.isVideoTrack() && startVideoMuted)
     ) {

Maybe there is a better option but that’s the one I know.

Hello! Thanks for the answer.
but I have the following problem when I enter the room with a camera and the audio is blocked.
I would like to communicate only via chat, but as he does not return “tracks”, I cannot enter the room.

can i enter the room just using chat?
without having to give audio and camera permission through the browser, how?

You should be able to enter the room without providing local tracks, and still be able to see other users joined and their remote tracks. For example Jibri opens a Chrome instance in the server and joins the meeting without providing video and audio devices, in order to record/stream the meeting.

Did you try the sample code but just without calling createLocalTracks ?

Hi friend!
Thanks for the answer.
You are right! this works