How to end webinar when Host leaves?

Is there a way to have the webinar end when the Host leaves, so all the other participants aren’t just sitting in an empty webinar room? If not, is there a command to send to the API to force the webinar to close?

two new Prosody modules to control a tokenized conference room

Thanks! Is there a good tutorial on how to install and use the user token authentication?

If your distro is Debian Buster then How I’m installing jitsi-meet-tokens now

If it’s Ubuntu 20.04 then The installation steps for Ubuntu 20.04

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if you just want to kick users with vanilla Jitsi internal authentication use @emrah’s module but delete the pre-join hook, it’s not really needed because with internal authentication an anonymous user can’t start a meeting. It could be disabled with a flag but for that you would have to send a PR to @emrah :slight_smile:

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I followed the “Installation steps for Ubuntu” and installed the mod_token_affiliation.lua and mod_token_party_owner.lua Prosody plugins and it looks good so far, thanks!

It is always asking for a login/password now. I have “enableUserRolesBasedOnToken = true”.

Do I need to create a token for EVERY user so it can pass the “affiliation” now? That is fine, but is there a tutorial on how to create and where/how to pass the token?

I think I understand how to generate the JWT key now. But, how do I identify the “aud” and “iss” values to pass in the token body?

A sample PHP script which generates the token. No need the moderator field but needed the affiliation field under context -> user

iss and aud are your app_id

Thanks! I generated a token and passed it in ‘jwt’ querystring and authentication failed. I see this in my prosody.log “Error verifying token err:not-allowed, reason:Not acceptable by exp”. It looks like everything is working, but not sure what this error means:

mod_bosh        info    Client tried to use sid '21aa3e70-a163-4869-bf26-a13454858561' which we don't know about warn    Session filters applied
mod_bosh        info    New BOSH session, assigned it sid '696396ab-7183-495c-bbb4-7d1da34a3cc3'
general warn    Error verifying token err:not-allowed, reason:Not acceptable by exp

Oops I have default exp value which is a date in the past. I will fix that.

It’s working now that I have valid ‘exp’ date value. Thanks!

If you want to allow guests to participate the conferences without a token, add the following line in your prosody config

allow_empty_token = true
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Thanks! I notice that when I have someone join token as “member” (using the prosody modules to control tokenized room) it says “Oops you can’t join this yet” if the host hasn’t joined. Is there a way to make that throw them in a waiting room so when the host joins, they automatically join the conference instead of getting that error message?

Also, when the host leaves, it posts a message in chat but it doesn’t close the conference down. Is there a way to make it so if the host leaves or hangs up, the conference will automatically close?

I don`t know a solution for this and probably needed some UI customization to add this feature.

Waiting the timeout then it closes the conference. The timeout gives change to reconnect to the moderator in case of network error. The default timeout (party_check_timeout) value is 60 second.

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Is there no way to have token authentication for ‘member’ to always join in a waiting room? Or, does the host always have to have started the webinar as token authenticated ‘owner’ before any ‘member’ can join?

What is the timeout for when the host leaves to have the webinar automatically shut down for everyone? Can I configure that somewhere?