How to enable transcription by default but show CC only when a participant want to see them screen?

I would like to save the speech to text all the time in a meeting. Is there any way to enable transcription with Jigasi as soon as a meeting starts but show CC only when a participant opts to see it on the screen?

You could trigger it with the external API: IFrame API | Jitsi Meet

@saghul, I looked into the iframe API and made the following options changes to JitsiMeetExternalAPI . Still, I am unable to start auto-closed-captioning by default.

However, the Jigasi setup and closed captioning are working perfectly when a participant explicitly selects Start subtitles.

iframe options

            configOverwrite: {
                prejoinPageEnabled: true,
                defaultLanguage: 'en',
                transcribingEnabled: true,
            interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
                LANG_DETECTION: true,

Or, Is there any way I can trigger the low-level API command APP.conference._room.dial("jitsi_meet_transcribe") in code to auto transcribe when a conference starts

Hum, looks like we have no API for it, sorry I was mistaken. I think adding it should be acceptable though, if you’d like to send a PR.

@saghul - thanks for the reply. I am happy to add this and will raise a PR definitely.

Can you help me in devising a solution for this if you already have an idea of how / where to change it in the codebase?

cc: @damencho

Basically, trace back the calls from external_api.js to API.js