How to enable time duration when create meeting room?

I try use conference and I seeing have time duration.

But My Jitsi don’t have duration time.
I try troubleshoot with this topic Duration time not showing but not working

My jitsi have ldap authentication.
Where can I check log this problem or where should I fix it?
Thank you.

What version of prosody are you using ?

Thank you for reply.

My prosody version is 0.9.10-1.
My server is ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server.

root@xxx:~# dpkg -s prosody | grep Version
Version: 0.9.10-1

You need to use prosody-0.11 / prosody-trunk to get it working .

Thank you.

Do you have suggestion or step update prosody-0.11 for jitsi on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ?

Instructions for prosody trunk for max occupants module, for ubuntu 18.04

I tried to do that but have problem. But not working with 16.04

Prosody 0.11 need libicu version > 66 and libssl version 1.1.
And I newbies with LinuxOS, I would do not manual Install them because might jitsi and jibri fail.

Thank you so much. @cosmo83

And do you have any restriction with using 18.04 ?

Yes,I like have problem. Now I don’t have new server for Test to Install jitsi and jibri on ubuntu 18.04.

Now I’m no need update Prosody or Ubuntu version.
Because I cheat by insert script in html file. Everything is work well. :grin: :grin: