How to enable new iAmVisitor mode?


In the latest jitsi-meet release i see in the changelog its mentioned that “iAmVisitor mode” has been introduced but how to enable such iAmVisitor mode in general ?

My usecase is Webinar where only 2-3 people are speakers/moderators and rest all are just listeners.

I am using jitsi-docker & jwt together, how to enable iAmVisitor mode either via jwt payload (maybe affiliation) or configOverwrite or interfaceConfigOverwrite ?

I don’t think that is fully ready to be used yet, it’s a step towards a much larger release.

What @Freddie said. There are is some UI and jwt logic still to be implemented
Whatever is implemented can be used following these steps jitsi-meet/resources/extra-large-conference at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub
Which are for those using debian packages installed, no docker.

But if something is not working to find what it is in most of the time it requires debugging several prosody instances.


Thanks both for your help but honestly that has gone above my head, i haven’t gone deeper into jicoso/prosody like stuff used in making jitsi.

So participants cannot be joined as visitor (who only views, just shows up in participants pane) with normal stuff used for jitsi configuration like jwt payload (affiliation key), configOverwrite or interfaceConfigOverwrite ?

Visitors is a concept where those participants only see the conference and are distributed in several prosody instances different from the main one in order to be able to accommodate many participants.

And yes, it is a complicated solution for a complicated problem :slight_smile: