How to enable NetData monitoring with reverse Nginx Proxy

Hello. I wanted to ask, i have a domain, but it’s for jitsi meet server. I want that the netdata would be for the same domain but for example my jitsi meet domain is and i want that netdata would be for example: On my server i’m using Nginx. Could you please tell me, what should i do, because now my NetData is not secure and it’s with servers IP adress. Waiting for your reply!

I did it differently. I have and created and that was easy to set up. Would that help you?

can you please guide me, i mean from the start what should i do. What file i should to create and etc. Please, if you can actually. It would really help!

Search the internet for reverse proxy on nginx.
In short create in /etc/nginx/sites-available a file ‘’ and create a soft link in /etc/nginx/site-enabled to that file with the same name. Reload webserver to get it working.

With these ‘subdomains’ I’ve got separate certificates for each subdomain through LetsEncrypt.

Must say that it took me some effort but with all the help of my best friend Google it worked out. Note I’m not a linux/ninx nerd I’m just following online instructions :shushing_face:

Just checked. The above I did manually for my pihole.So I have that points to a raspberrypi. The subdomain was created during the installation of selfhosting jitsi instructions from Installation - Jitsi self hosting

Maybe you can send me your file configurations, like how they look like? Would be more easier

So I did the Jitsi host installation to and created a reverse proxy to my pi for which I’ve uploaded a ‘copy’ of the configuration. (1.5 KB)