How to enable menu end to end encryption (beta)?

I saw it in is already have menu end-to-end encryption beta. I already add e2ee in interface_config.js but still doesn’t appear. How to show that menu?


I tested in the “Jitsi Meet Electron” client, the menu shows end-to-end encryption support (BETA), but I still did not see this option in the latest browser version (Google Chrome 83.0.4103.106).

I just tried to connect to with 83.0.4103.97 (Ubuntu 18.04 snap version) and I see this option.

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in the latest version (83) of Google Chrome:
in the URL field type in “chrome://flags” and search for “Experimental Web Platform Features” which you have to enable (then restart Chrome).
Then the e2ee option should appear in your menu.
Works only if enabled on both client sides (Chrome or Electron app)


Thank you very much!
This successfully solved my question.

@Mr_Smith Hi,Mr Smith. I use docker deployment, can I set this function from the server? The official ( displays this feature on some browsers that do not have “Experimental Web Platform Features” enabled. How to configure it on the server? Or is this feature automatically displayed according to the browser settings?

What I have understood so far that the e2ee feature depends only on settings on the endpoints, not on the server (because the videobridge is not even aware of that the data is encrypted). So it is function to be enabled via the browser setting.
I deploy my own instance on, the e2ee option was only working after “the insertable streams in Chrome” became available.
I have no experience with docker so far.

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Ok, thanks again!

I just tried it and it’s not so clear in fact. With Chrome I can see the E2EE menu with, but not on my private server. However with Electron app, I can see E2EE menu and indeed use it with my private server. Go figure.

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Hi Everyone!

Note that the latest version of Chrome 84.0.4147.125 (Official Build) (64-bit), e2ee option is not showing the e2ee on Jitsi Meet by default.

You need to do the task that Mr_Smith outlined:
“in the URL field type in “chrome://flags” and search for “Experimental Web Platform Features” which you have to enable (then restart Chrome).”

It then shows up in Jitsi Meet again.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: