How to enable/disable recording option for a conference programmatically?

I need to have control over a conference’s recording feature programmatically. Is there a way to enable/disable “Start Recording” feature of conference programmatically while starting a new conference ? Appreciate your inputs.

If you mean to start recording automatically at the room creation time, jibri_autostart module may be helpful

Not auto-start but to decide based on certain factors if recording can be allowed for that conference, and then enable/disable programmatically

Need help on this please. It is important for us to be able to enable/disable recording for a particular conference programmatically

Maybe serve different config.js with recording disabled for the specific URLs (conferences)?

How do we do that ?

Use Nginx location rules; if the URL matches something, serve one config.js, else serve another, etc. Look the web for nginx conditional serving, for example nginx - Redirect of all the URLs that contain 1 word in specific, but that do not contain other words - Server Fault (just instead of redirect, use a location for config.js).

Or sth similar. Just have in mind that Nginx conditions have to be defined very carefully and one has to be sure nginx does exactly what is expected, otherwise if the rules are complex and overlap it could be a hell to troubleshoot.

Thanks, will give it a try

This is what is defined in nginx for config.js -

location = /config.js {
alias /etc/jitsi/meet/;

How do I modify meet configuration so that it makes a call to custom config file (not config.js) based on a param that I pass in URL during meeting initiation ? Eg: Based on paramA, it will call “/a_config.js” and based on paramB, it will call “/b_config.js”. If I can do that, then I can define two rules in nginx and load config according to the param passed in URL.

The solution turned out to be extremely simple - just pass config.recordingService.enabled=false in the meeting URL and recording via Jibri will be disabled. Only local recording will get enabled. Thanks to all for providing inputs.