How to enable colibri/stats in docker installations

About jitsi-videobridge/blob/master/doc/statistics
what changes needs to be done to have /colibri/stats path work in a docker installation?

In jvb/ i have added colibri

but when i open my server adddress/colibri/stats i get nginx 404Not found error and i don’t know how to configure nginx to enable this if this is something missing in nginx configuration…


also enabled
in .env file

anything else?

curl -v

  • Trying…
  • connect to port 8080 failed: Connection refused
  • Failed to connect to port 8080: Connection refused
  • Closing connection 0
    curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 8080: Connection refused

You need to enable the REST interface (the “colibri” options you added don’t do anything). See here:


Hi Boris,

I have changed colibri to xmpp in .env file
A comma separated list of APIs to enable when the JVB is started. The default is none.
See for more information

i have read the explanations in file, but they are all about “jetty” and for normal installations. i am trying to enable it on docker installation which uses nginx; i think that makes the difference…

In anycase, i have tried to add following lines to /docker/current/.jitsi-meet-cfg/jvb/ files but did not help


I only want to access , but still getting 404 Not Found

Still this issue unclear for me.
With the latest docker jitsi-meet version , which config files needs to be edited and which lines should be enabled and what kind of changes in nginx sould be made (if needed) ; i’d appreciate if anyone can give details about exact changes