How to edit Welcome page?

Good day to all, want to ask you how can I hide “Start a new meeting” from main Welcome page? Should I edit config.js file? Maybe someone can give any advice? Thanks a lot

P.S. Sorry if I create topic not in the right place, newbie here. ![Untitled|690x320]

Are you deploying jitsi with the regular method or dockerized method ?

Welcome to the community!! you are at the right place. @Edgar

Thank you for the reply! I’m deploying the system with the regular method, not docker containers.

Dont have any experience with the regular installation, not sure, but lets try

Paste the output of /usr/share/jitsi-meet/web here.

Perfect. You want to edit the front page right ? What exactly do you want to change there ?

I want to disable possibility to start new meeting (I’ve mentioned about it, scroll up a bit).

@Edgar5 the quick way to do it is to make the change in the app.bundle.min.js file. The file can be found in the /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs/ directory. Be aware though that your change will be overwritten if/when you update Jitsi at a future time.

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To hide the on-screen items used to create (or join) a room, enter the following in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/body.html:

  .welcome .header #enter_room,
  .welcome .header .tab-container {
      display: none;

Of course this doesn’t eliminate the elements from the DOM, just renders them invisible. However if that’s good enough, this is easy to do and doesn’t get overridden by jitsi upgrades.


Thank you community! You helped me :blush: ! Now I have a result and know how to achieve it in a few different ways.

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An “update safe” way to do this is described here:

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