How to download the meeting after recording?

I want to download the recording of the meeting directly from the server once the recording is finished.

One possible solution is to send an email with the URL to the host of the meeting after the meeting is ended. I believe I will need the name of the video that will be stored inside “/recording”. \

Is the name of the video available while executing the post-recording script.

I want to convert the path to the video recording as downloadable. RN If I visit my domain with the absolute path to the video, jitsi meet gets started with the pathname. Any suggestions on how to achieve this downloading feature?


same i want is anybody knows that solution please help.

Dear friends, more or less on the same topic. I pressed record on Monday and it asked for my Dropbox account. I gave it and spend a couple of minutes updating my dropbox account, and received a couple of messages notifying me that Jitsi now had access to Dropbox (though i saw those only later). The video was recorded (or at least i got the red dot saying that it was recording) and in my Dropbox a folder was added entitled ‘apps’ with jitsi inside it. However, the video is not inside it. Is there anything I can do to find the video? I would appreciate any help as that video is really important to me.

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any solution on that.