How to dockerize a customization based off of a stable jitsi-meet docker image

Hi there. I’m just new to jitsi and new to docker.
I’ve made some test changes to the GUI locally using stable version 4857 as a base.
Now i’m wondering how I would go about building a new docker image that incorporates both the base, and my changes.

I’ve downloaded docker jitsi image 4857 … and I’ve been reviewing the docker compose yml. I think the correct approach would be the following:

a) download 4857 stable and make local changes.
b) make
c) test

if it works,
a) git clone version 4857
b) edit the docker compose.yml file such that somewhere in the web section for jitsi-meet, I copy my new lib folder and css folder over to the container from the Host.

Would this approach work?
Would this the right approach for just a dev environment or a production deploy too?


I wrote an extended blog post here addressing this question and others, including live-reloading of the front-end using webpack and rapid Docker container rebuilds of the back-end. Hopefully that’s of some use to you or other people looking for examples of Docker deployments.