How to display the mobile-screen on tablets?

Hi everybody,

I’m self hosting a jitsi meet server. When a mobile user from smartphone connects, the prompt is shown “join the app, download the app, use browser”. That’s great because I have to force mobile users to use the app.

How can this prompt be displayed also on Ipad / android tablet devices? When I open the link in mobile safari on ipad then I join the conference immediately, even if the jitsi meet app is installed (no prompt)

If anyone is wondering why I want to force to use the app: The video / audio needs to be minimized, so that my app is in the foreground. If jitsi runs in the browser, it is imposible to use my app in fullscreen and have a small chat-window. Or is there a better solution for this?


Does anybody has a solution for this? On iOS 14 the browser version is very buggy, for example when minimizing safari and open another app the connection is lost… In the app everything works fine but the prompt is not displayed on iPad :frowning: