How to discover the back end video bridge by a participate

I have multiple JVB servers configured with a single front end meeting server…

For security reasons, when a user joins a meeting room, I need the client-side to discover/know the hostname/name of the backend JVB that was selected for him by jicofo… is this possible?

I am open to just about any method of returning this data anywhere along the connection chain. Including using a prosody plug-in, injecting into a prosody reply message, or providing a custom web api that requests it from the server.

Keep in mind the IP address is not enough in my scenario. I actually need the host name: “” (or simply the name “jvb_100”)

Any ideas?

Currently there is an option, where you can enable websockets for bridges.
There is a config which propagates to the clients with the jingle you can use that …

Thank you @damencho! This seems to be exactly what I am looking for. For others, find more details here:

For future reference, for those using jvb.conf, this is now located here: videobridge.websockets.domain