How to disable TitleView?

Hi @damencho,

I want to disable the title view in the meeting for all participants including the moderator also. I am testing this in developer code (github) and when I active diableTitleview: true, it’s visible still and working fine. Is there any way to disable the title view permanently? So I will have only a stage view,


Disable the button:

  1. // ‘tileview’,
    it is by default like this that means off (pic 2).


But it is not disabling. Still, the title view button is showing and working properly.

Works here, it hides the button.
Are you able to hide any other button?

yes, other buttons are hiding.

And just this you cannot hide, that is strange …

Hello @absar,

// If true, tile view will not be enabled automatically when the participants count threshold is reached.
disableTileView: true,

In my self-hosted environment, when this configuration is set to true - the tileview is disabled and is not possible to be toggled/enabled anymore.

@damencho, is that the correct behavior of the disableTileView parameter?

Because my interpretation in:

// If true, tile view will not be enabled automatically when the participants count threshold is reached.

is only for the tileview not to be automatically enabled when a 3rd person joins a meeting.
However, not only that it is not being enabled automatically, it’s now not possible for tileview to be toggled/enabled anymore if this parameter is true.

I also tested this in by passing the disableTileView=true config in the meeting URL.

Is this a bug or really the expected behavior?

IiRC that setting disables it for good, not just the automatic behavior. The comment might be a bit misleading.

We might need to go through the code to check though.

Dear @saghul,

Thanks for replying and for the intent to check the code.
I hope it’s just a bug and the intended use case of the disableTileView parameter is what the comment describes.
I really like to just disable the automatic switching to TileView, but retain the ability for the users to toggle between views.

Kind regards,

Fix for the bug: fix(video-layout) fix usage of disableTileView by saghul · Pull Request #11669 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Awesome! Thanks for the bugfix @saghul.

Kind regards

Hi still am unable to disappear the toggle button.
through config,js any suggestion

here is my deploy:

But you haven’t made any configuration change. As advised in the notes in that block:

if toolbarButtons is undefined, we fallback to enabling all buttons on the UI

Which is exactly what’s happening in your case. You haven’t explicitly enabled the tools you want, so everything shows up.

Thanks @Freddie … That means I have uncomment the toolbarButtons like this:

then I have to comment only //titleview
, is it? Please correct me If I am wrong

Yes. Any feature you comment won’t show up.

Thanks, @Freddie …works fine