How to disable the user with join meeting option & give direct access to the meeting

Hi team

JWT token is enabled for respective meeting room
After implementing JWT : /?jwt=
Once the user entered URL with JWT, i see in left panel with “Username & join meeting button”
So, how to disable that and give direct access to the meeting

Please suggest how to implement it.

thanks & regards

thanks and regards

In config.js, set this to false:

Thanks so much for your reply,

Below are the things which i done.

  1. i turned the enableWelcomePage as false
  2. Once i click on the link, it displays below

Actual One should be as below:

  1. i would like the welcome page,
  2. disable only the left panel and join meeting
    so that the same user can directly enter the conference meet… without join meeting or start meeing (using JWT)

Please guide me with this
Very much appreciate your kind reply

thanks and regards once again

This is controlled by prejoinConfig

Wooow !!! that worked like a charm.

I just turned prejoinConfig.enabled from “true” to false.

You saved my life

Thank you so much for helping me out!!!

thanks and regards