How to disable the check for mobile version

hi. how can i disable this “please download the app” message ?
if i set MOBILE_APP_PROMO to false i get this “videochat isnt avalible” message in crome on mobile.
on somebody says that i should replace

if (“android” === e || “ios” === e)


if (false && “android” === e || “ios” === e)

but besides that editing a file that has no linefeeds is a pain i only find a part thats says :
and i made a
if(false && “android”===t||“ios”===t)

but didnt worked. but also dont know whats the difference between “e” and “t” …

i know u guys dont support it and u seem not to like it, but i want to use jitsi meet on android phones where its not allowed to install apps but theres is chrome by default. might not be perfect but better than nothing :wink:

any help would be appreciated


I’ve posted this on the issue as well, but I’m guessing you were testing on ios? The precedence is wrong on the replacement (|| has a higher precedence that &&) so use this as the replacement:
if(false && ("android"===t||"ios"===t))

it works, but on IOS it does not support video/audio in conference room. Must be because of different codec support on IOS.

I find the file “app.bundle.min.js”, but now is March 2020!
I no´t find that line.

The file is obfuscated…

What I need change?

Or is possible config some $VAR for “NO SHOW MESSAGE, SAMPLELY NO LOAD IN CELL PHONES” ???

Thanks :slight_smile: