How to disable stored authentication?


I have searched the forum but couldn’t find anything that helped with our issue.
If I missed something please let me know.

We installed jitsi meet and prosody on Debian 10 by following the Quick Install guide.
We also enabled secure domains for distinct moderator and guest users and enabled authentication using ldap.

So far so good.
But everytime someone authenticates using ldap credentials to start a new room it seem like the authentication gets stored somehow.
This leads to the user being still authenticated when joining another room even after closing the browser. The user being authenticated also makes him a moderator of the room even if the initial creator is still present as moderator.

Even disabling the user account in our active directory will not lead to the user being unauthenticated.
A disabled user should never be able to be more than a guest.

Is it possible to stop that behaviour?
I’d guess disabling the stored authentication will also solve the issue of the multiple moderators, as new participents will join as guests without being asked for authentication.

Thanks for your advice.


not entirely, for example if someone logs in in a browser tab and connects to an existing room it will still be as a logged-in user and as such moderator, this is the default secure domain behaviour.

To search the forum, hit the magnifying glass upper right, then enter related words to your search, the trick is to imagine that people will not ask for the same thing using the same words and use different expressions, such as:

Jitsi is not asking for credentials after the first correct authentication


How can I make Jitsi forget the credential of my users

And yes, there was other threads about changing the secure domain setup to restrict the first user to be the only moderator.

Thank you.
That is exactly what I needed.
I didn’t even know this configuration parameter existed.

Is this setting in interface_config.js?

Or is it in another file?

It’s in /etc/jitsi/jicofo/

See this thread for more help.


Adding this line in Jicofo config file and restarting it works for me…