How to disable "Save logs" feature?

Good afternoon,

Is there an option to disable “Save logs” (downloading log file meetlog-room.json) for users ?


Nope, there is no such option.

@damencho I was going to ask this same question. I thought I noticed this last night while testing my updated version, but I forgot to confirm before powering down my server. So, participants in our self-hosted Jitsi will now have access to this information? What is the use of this to them? I see it as an ‘open gateway’ to backend information that I’d rather not make available to participants in a meeting. The moderator, yes, but not the ordinary user. (I’ll check again to confirm for a fact that the other participants have access to it apart from the moderator).

where is this file located? (meetlog-room.json)

Is it possible to generate a metric of: name, email, date and time of entry and duration of the meeting?

it would be very useful to me.


Jicofo log analyzer

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@damencho , Thank you so much for answering my question !

This information is anyway available in the browser, it is already not a secret.
Any PR for a config hiding it is welcome.

True, both most users don’t necessarily go searching through the browser console. The ready-availability here will spark curiosity. It’s just uncomfortable. I’ll log a request on git.