How to disable random room generation on Mobile App?

I’m able to do this for the web client through interface-config, but don’t know how to disable it for the mobile app. Any pointers on where to look?

There is no way unless you rebuild the app yourself. Check WelcomePage.native.js.

Ah, I see.
Thank you!

Sorry, one quick (additional) question: does the app pull any configuration settings from config.js or interface_config.js?

It pulls config.js but not interface_config.js.

Ok. Thank you.

I’m now trying to figure out which of these properties on WelcomePage.native.js actually disables the random room-name generation and how to set it. :thinking:

@saghul, hate to bother you, but can you please tell me which property exactly controls this generator and possibly how to set the value to “no” or zero? I’ve been poring over this code for a while and still can’t figure it out. I’ve tried fiddling with “WelcomePageLists” and different “hintbox” properties, but apart from a bunch of errors on the UI, nothing has worked. Please help?

No worries. Comment out this line: that should do it.

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Phew! Like magic!
God bless you, @saghul! :pray:t5:

Can you tell us did the build work ok on ios? I can do a conference with video/audio on ios.

I haven’t done ios yet - will likely get to it this weekend. I don’t imagine it not working though. I’ll let you know.

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