How to disable prejoin page?

This is new tho. I was surprised earlier. Yesterday, I got in without this.
I’m using the external api.

Thank you. God bless us all!

You can pass config overwrite with prejoinPageEnabled: false

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Does not work for me with

Should be config.prejoinPageEnabled=false

God that was stoopid, thanks damencho !! Works like a charm now

The prejoin page is very useful for users to test their camera and microphone. However, it would be good if we can disable the “Copy and Share Meeting Link”?

Thx. The prejoin page is a hugely useful addition :slight_smile:


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Thank you, Sir @damencho.

I would like to do this as well.

To disable pre-join window add the below code in the options

configOverwrite: {
prejoinPageEnabled: false

prejoinPageEnabled: false
option is mission in my config.js file
how to I use it