How to disable participant unmute

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I will be using the site to broadcast our wedding to people too sick to attend and I have been setting up the Moderated meeting along with the URL configs for the guest link.

I have the startwithaudiomuted option running and had assumed that setting the disableremotemute option to true would stop people being able to unmute themselves, but this isn’t working in practise.

Is there a way to do that? So that only a moderator can unmute people?

Many thanks

On everyone is a moderator by default so basically you cannot use it in regular meetings. But if you use to have a moderated meeting where you are the moderator and you send to participants the guest link you can use it there.


I am already using the moderated version and the guest link it provides, I was just trying to be distinct from the questions about self-hosted setups as I can only use the URL config items.

Oh I misread your question …

You cannot control that with a link as everyone can edit the link and there is no protection for that. That’s why this is a backend controlled thing you need to use the moderated meetings and enable it yourself when you enter as a moderator.

So it doesn’t work for you when using moderated meetings or?

I was planning to use a shortened URL to mask the full URL. Most people won’t mess with it too much but yeah, all of the options work…The pre-meeting screen is there, they can’t share invites, their mic is muted etc, but what I thought would stop them unmuting, doesn’t. They can still unmute.

It’s not the end of the world, I’ll just output the meeting to a muted speaker if necessary. I was just hoping to be able to unmute someone if we wanted to chat.

Yep, that’s possible with the audio video moderation when using the moderated meetings, they try to unmute, you see the notification and allow them and they unmute and talk.

Oh right - Because in my tests they can unmute without issue - Even with the disableremotemute=true set

And you had enabled av moderation from the menu before that ?

I see - You mean that a Moderator needs to join the meeting first, then enable that option?

I was hoping that the URL option would enable it by default, as people may well join before a moderator does. Still, at least I understand now - I think :slight_smile: Thanks

Even if moderator arrives late, everyone will be muted once enabled.

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Thank you for your help :slight_smile: