How to disable mute video while sharing screen?

Hi there,

I am developing on jitsi-meet project and I have an issue which I could not solve.
When I share screen, my video is directly muted…I would like to disable this feature.
I mean if I share desktop, my video should stay as it was before sharing.
I could not find how to do it correctly.
It looks like there is a code block in conference.js file for this feature to be working after sharing process completed, but it seems not working…


Is there anyone who can help me ?


This feature is not supported in JITSI…you can not relay screen and camera video together…as far as I know it’s a limitation for now.

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no, you are wrong, they have done it on Dec, 2019.

You can check there:

I am asking another question…

Sir did you see it working…even in JITSI meet online they have???

I tried it but could not success to have two tracks together.

@muratto are you have solution for this ?