How to disable meeting link in prejoin page using iFrame API?

Good day everyone! So far I am really impressed with the iFrame API of Jitsi. Currently using it to interact with Jitsi-as-a-Service (, and so far things are mostly going well.

However, in my current internship where we’re developing a Proof-of-Concept integrating Jitsi Meet into a web app, we require lobby to be turned on for security reasons. However, this reenables the prejoin page for guest users joining a meeting.

This normally would not be a problem, except the meeting link is shown right here, which is a security issue for our specific use case. If the user has access to this link, they can share it to anyone, even if it’s not them joining.

And unfortunately, most of the resources I could find on Jitsi’s forums and other sources (particularly by passing in configOverwrite and interfaceConfigOverwrite settings) only disable meeting invitation features when you’re already in a meeting, rather than before it.

My question is, is there actually a way to disable this meeting link using the iFrame API? Or do we have to find a hacky solution around it, like for instance, manually overlaying a div in the exact location of the meeting link just to prevent the user from seeing and copying the link.

Or worse yet, do we have to manage our own self-hosted Jitsi Meet just to be able to directly edit the markup and styling for the prejoin page (for that one specific button hahaha), which would be counterintuitive, as we chose Jitsi-as-a-Service in the first place in order to prevent having to manage our own Jitsi Meet instance?

In a self-hosted instance, this can be hidden with CSS. SO I imagine the Jaas team would be able to hide this for you. I suggest reaching out to Jaas support.

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Thanks for this suggestion Freddie :slight_smile: We will bring this up to our senior devs should they wish to pursue Jitsi’s IFrame API over the Zoom Web SDK (which so far they have been struggling with, which actually prompted our investigation of Jitsi as an alternative).

Although perhaps it would be a nice feature in the future for the Jitsi iFrame API to allow developers to configure more granular options which control which buttons / fields are visible in the pre-join page via configOverwrite / interfaceConfigOverwrite, just as can be done with disabling the pre-join page as a whole via prejoinPageEnabled: false.

Thanks again for the quick response :slight_smile:

I am still open for some hacks around this though in the meantime, but I also understand if there truly is no way at present to achieve what I’m seeking to do.

Again, since you have a paid Jaas subscription, I believe this is something the team can help you with. The iFrame API is also (probably even mostly) used by people who do not (wish to) host their own deployment or subscribe to Jaas, so I don’t think there needs to be more granularity than already exists (this is just my opinion though). Because people often interface with the free Jitsi interface at using iFrame, understandably, care has to be taken as to the level of access (and customization) allowed. In your case though, you’re a Jaas subscriber, which is just like hosting your own deployment, but this time, it’s managed for you by the Jitsi team. You shouldn’t be lacking anything per se.

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