How to disable/enable sound (output) in JitsiMeet API?

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Is there any functionality to allow disable/enable the sound (output)? I didn’t found any events related to this in Jitsi Meet API, just for microphone (input) such as track.mute() / track.unmute().


I’m currently working on something similar, but still WIP. Some parts of it are already on, you just need to pass startSilent=true in config override for iframe API. Or you can use a link like: when directly opening from the browser.


Thanks for your reply! I tested and it worked smoothly! But I’m not sure if it’s exactly what I need, the user won’t be able to turn on/off the sound every time we wants and warning other participants about it (just as the microphone). Are you guys planning implement it in the next months?

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What is the usecase here, why a participant needs to notify others that has muted his output?

I used the setLocalParticipantProperty to informe others about the action (output muted).

Thanks for your attention @damencho :smiley:

Can we disable audio and video when entering?

Yes, there are options in config.js which you can overwrite, check those from the code. startWithVideoMuted

Can we disable audio input & output in the middle of call? When I wanna to switch to another call, I wanna mute both input & output of audio.

In the iframe implementation we are trying to block attendees audio and video and disable the unmute buttons for them. This is for surgeon training on new procedures with many attendees so we can’t have a lot of cross-talk.

We can disable the attendees to start with startWithAudioMuted=true but on entering attendees still get the prompt to give permission for audio/video use. Then they have the ability to turn either or both on.

Has anyone found a way to reliably have a one-way audio/video presentation with the attendees only using chat, audio & video disabled?

To achieve the functionality of muting the participants and preventing them from unmuting you can just “hide” the toolbar button for the microphone when a “normal” user is joining the meeting and unhiding it for the administrator. If you combine this with startWithAudioMuted = true the user is not able to unmute.

This works cause the API gives a Interface-Override Feature where u can pass an array with the desired buttons. If you are in control over the creation of the meeting with the JitsiMeetExternalAPI this is doable.

In the screenshot you can see a participant with muted mic and without the interface button for unmuting.


We use JitSi with a game of cards and in some phases of the game players like to disable audio output to focus on the cards.

How can we enable / disable audio output in the iFrame interface?

Hi there! We have a case where we need our participants to be able to mute all sounds coming from a given conference (as they participate in more than one conference simultaneously). The exact use case is a trainer who have to join multiple Jitsi conferences and want to listen only to one of the trainee groups in a given moment. Is that currently possible?

I also tried to workaround it with the browser tab muting functionality. It works perfectly in Firefox but couldn’t figure out how to do it properly in Chrome (tried almost all tab muting extensions). Seems there is an issue with the iframe implementation as other sounds on the page are handled properly.

Any inputs on how to achieve muting sound / audio of a given conference will be highly appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Same question / feature request.

Hey there. I have a use case where i connect use my phone and laptop at the same time as i conduct yoga sessions and use the phone to show my video and the laptop for me to observe my client. But since both devices are active in the same room, there is a lot of static disturbances. Just muting it doesn’t work. How can i completely disable audio from one of the devices?