How to disable/enable sound (output) in JitsiMeet API?

Hello guys!

Is there any functionality to allow disable/enable the sound (output)? I didn’t found any events related to this in Jitsi Meet API, just for microphone (input) such as track.mute() / track.unmute().


I’m currently working on something similar, but still WIP. Some parts of it are already on, you just need to pass startSilent=true in config override for iframe API. Or you can use a link like: when directly opening from the browser.


Thanks for your reply! I tested and it worked smoothly! But I’m not sure if it’s exactly what I need, the user won’t be able to turn on/off the sound every time we wants and warning other participants about it (just as the microphone). Are you guys planning implement it in the next months?

Thank you so much and have a nice weekend!

What is the usecase here, why a participant needs to notify others that has muted his output?

I used the setLocalParticipantProperty to informe others about the action (output muted).

Thanks for your attention @damencho :smiley: