How to disable clicking on the video container?

Like when you are in a tile view, you click on a participant and it zooms to the clicked participant. Is there a way to disable that action?

Nope, there is no such feature.

Can it be disabled by a custom jquery script? Like $(element).off(); ? I just have trouble finding which exact html element which has the click event

No idea …

@Albert_Cruz You were on the right track (and already thinking outside of the box). In general, just because there is no feature in Jitis, that doesn’t mean something cannot be accomplished using other web practices & techniques.

Your “disable clicking” request can be easily achieved using css. Just add some custom css with pointer-events: none; assigned to the element(s) / div(s) you want to impact.

A while back I wrote a post on how to add custom CSS to your deployment. This is still valid and will work for this use case as well: