How to disable auto update for Jitsi (jitsi-meet-electron) on macOS

I initially raised this at auto update should NEVER be forced · Issue #686 · jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron · GitHub

I’ve now been spanked for not reading all the closed issues that were related to my request, and again for citing those issues and tagging the folks who logged them, which was apparently “too heated”(‽)

I’ve also been told “this will not be considered” for Jitsi because apparently it’s not cool to point out that other apps (Chrome & Firefox) which were cited as justification for forcing auto update on Jitsi provide pathways by which to disable that auto update. (I think that pointing out that the justification based on their patterns was spurious was the part that was “too heated” … but who can say?)

Finally, while I have been muzzled on that issue, the Jitsi contributor who had engaged with me there was not similarly muzzled, and threw in a “Stop it already” for good measure. (I’m guessing they were the one who locked the issue as @jitsi before their final rejoinder.)

Apparently I should be advocating for all teams to which I belong which now use Jitsi to cease that use, because reasoned requests for feature adjustments are just as likely to be rejected out of hand as handled appropriately.

That’s disappointing.