How to disable all audio processing in P2P?

Hello I’m creating an application partly based on self hosted Jitsi and I would like to know if it may be possible to disable all audio processing [AGC, NS, HPF, etc.] in P2P mode?

The user case is a conference between 2 people in P2P using self hosted Jitsi.

I know that it is possible to disable it in config.js on the server but if users are connected to the server but use P2P, will that have any effect on P2P audio? Does config. js define audio parameters for the P2P connection?

If not, is it possible to configure anything on the client/browser side in WebRTC settings to disable audio processing in P2P entirely?

My assumption is that if for example AGC is enabled somewhere in P2P, it could as well be disabled?

Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions. Really appreciate it.

Audio processing is a browser function so it’s not dependent on the bridge (JVB), which means it works both in P2P calls and calls going through JVB. If you disable it in config.js, it applies to all calls on that server.

Oh that is a huge relief! Thank you Freddie!