How to detect recording events?

I’ve reviewed the documentation and I can’t seem to find an event that is fired for any of the following, could anyone help?

recording start
recording end
recording file name(s) (an array??)

I need to capture one or all of these to allow a user to download the video once the call has ended.

which documentation plz?

I’m not an expert on the frontend code here, but I don’t think we fire anything. There are presence messages that come from Jibri, though, and you might be able to trigger something off of those. You could look at the interactions around JibriSession in lib-jitsi-meet.

We’ve opted to work around the extreme limitations of Jibri (one recording at time) and instead capture recordings client side using getUserMedia/getDisplayMedia via WebRTC.

The Jitsi solution isn’t sustainable or realistic with only having a single recording possible at a time.

Couple that with (apparently) no front-end events documented (or possibly at all) and we don’t really see Jitsi’s recording solution as anything more than an alpha-stage POC.