How to deploy servers in concurrent multi-person meetings

Hi. Dear administrator.

How many video conferences can the following server configurations support?

Video conference: 5 people (maximum)
CPU: 2 cores;
Memory: 4GB
Hard disk: SSD 50GB
Network bandwidth: 3Mbps
Network traffic: unlimited

How many servers do we need if we need to deploy a large number of such video conferences? What kind of connection is required between the server and the server? Please advise.

Each participant will be sending a 2.5mbit stream (720p) so your server is going to need a lot more bandwidth.

Sorry. I try to understand what you mean by “bandwidth”. Does it mean “traffic”?

Assume that the above configuration can only support a conference of 5 people (720P); then, can I increase the number of servers without increasing the bandwidth?

I mean the network utilisation. In your first post you mentioned that it’s 3Mbps. That is insufficient for having a 5 person call.

Well, I understand the bandwidth refers to the network speed “Mbps”.
We are in Asia and bandwidth is very expensive and limited. But the traffic can be unlimited.
If I can support a 2-person conference, can I add a cloud server?

Refer to my comment above. If every participant sends your server 2.5Mbps but your server can only receive data at 3Mpbs you won’t be able to have a decent experience, no matter how free the traffic is. You need a larger pipe.