How to Deploy Custom Jitsi Version using Source to Public Server

Currently I am trying to Deploy a Custom Version of Jitsi that I made using the Source code to a public server can someone please help me with this… As i have been looking around and cant find anything.

I downloaded and edited the source code from github Im just wondering how to deploy that to production

and when i refer to the github project im talking about


Welcome to the community! I would first get a working install, using the quick start / handbook and then build from source.

Manual installation is quite tricky.

Depending on what you are trying to change once you have deployed, check out this guide:

Hey Corby I still am having the same issues with absolutely no luck what so ever I have tried everything all the guides on jitsi i tried just about everything. Do you think we can schedule a call on jitsi so you can show me how to do it or Give me specific instructions to whats going on below imma put everything I did

I did the Quick Install
I Git Cloned the Jitsi Meet Github Directory in the home directory of my user and I modified the nginx. I then restarted nginx to check if it worked. I have tried the following guides

And a few others

Do you think we can schedule a call sometime today?

I need to get this done ASAP or Im in big trouble

What issues are you having? Post your details here so the rest of the community can try to help.