How to delete the data after the user leaves the meeting?

Our Requirement : We have setup jitsi-meet and the data of users in the meeting is stored in the dynamodb table. We need to delete the data after the user leaves the meeting.

We have written an API to delete the data and got an endpoint URL(had authentication issues).So ,We changed it as a public URL [54…121.:3000/api/v1/grantmoderatorsdel/bf40737e-a201-443e-97ff-a4a86e74fedc] using Docker and ECS which works well in Postman.

so I added the API in mydomain.conf file as below

Component “" “event_sync_component”
muc_component = "
api_prefix = “http://54…121.:3000/api/v1/grantmoderatorsdel/bf40737e-a201-443e-97ff-a4a86e74fedc”

where can I pass the method =“DELETE”???

In mod_event_sync_component.lua , in function room_destroyed(event), I tried adding
async_http_request(‘http://54.*.121.158:3000/api/v1/grantmoderatorsdel/5904a00f-7ace-47dc-820a-6c8cfdfa0b01’, {
headers = http_headers;
method = “DELETE”;
body = ’ ’

That looks about right.

How is it not working? As before, have you tried it against a URL?

Yes It’s working fine.