How to delete a prosodyctl user?

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I’ve created a user using the following command:

prosodyctl register the-user the-password

I want to reverse this process, but the commands below both return errors:

prosodyctl deluser the-user

Failed to understand JID, please supply the JID to the user account you want to delete


prosodyctl deluser the-user@FQDN

That user does not exist on this server

So I have two questions,

  1. How do I delete a user with the command line,
  2. How do I list user JID’s

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This question should actually be posed to the Prosody community, but check the FQDN to make sure you have it written correctly.

You can check all prosody accounts by running the following command:

sudo ls -l /var/lib/*prosody*/*/accounts/*

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prosodyctl unregister username host
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I figured it out based on the above answers, however there is a missing component to the answer, so in case anyone else runs into this issue:

  1. First, open the file /etc/prosody/conf.avail/[hostname].cfg.lua for editing with vim or nano etc.
  2. Find the line VirtualHost “[hostname]” and set the authentication directive to = "internal_plain". This can be set back to "anonymous" once the user is unregistered per step 3.
  3. Run the command: prosodyctl unregister [user] [hostname].
  4. Run the command: systemctl restart {prosody,jicofo,jitsi-videobridge2,nginx}.

That should do it. It’s not clear in the documentation that the .cfg.lua file needs to have the authentication bit changed back before unregistering the user.