How to delete a chat message using the lib-jitsi-meet API?

Hi, I have a chat system. It’s using the lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) and Prosody (and websockets too I believe). Everything is working I’m able to send messages in a MUC format, but I’m actually trying to convert the MUC Chat into a Q&A Moderation Chat. We are using the room.sendTextMessage() command to send messages and we’re storing them in an array called messages. Inside each array item are the following fields.

date: Sat Apr 02 2022 10:58:03 GMT-0400 (GMT-04:00) {}
text: "How are you today?"
ts: "2022-04-02T14:58:03Z"
userId: "w6zp43b91"
userName: "John Doe"

How can I remove a chat message permanently from the backend, not just removing the item from the messages array on the front-end?

There is no support for it. There is an experimental XEP that nobody implements AFAIK: XEP-XXXX: Message Deletion

Thank you.