How to define the folder name of recording file

I recently installed Jibri. After recording a meet, it creates a new folder with a recording file inside. But it named like this:

root@jit:/recordings ls
dfibvphjnvzmjnsa  mijmikbnjopvflup  zcqmouopfmjizjtd
jrzlehgdxutokroh  tebjoawlmqqgjqjn

The name of recording file is fine, but it’s hard to distinguish the folder for me. Is there any way to define the folder name of recording file?

The name comes from the recording session id.

What is your end purpose? Why do you want to change folder names?

Where can I get this id when I’m recording a meet?
Our leader had us to record each class. There’re about 10 teachers in our team, so we have about 10 records a day.

the finalize script gets it as a first argument

Update the recording file name in Jibri

I found this script that I need maybe… Should I just put it in recordings folder and name finalize script ?

You can put it anywhere, you’d just need to define the path in jibri.conf so it can be located.

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