How to debug Jitsi meet whole application in VS Code along with Prosody Plugin lua files

Hi, I was trying to set breakpoints in Jitsi meet prosody plugin files in VS Code.

Notice that, If I set a breakpoint in Lua files, that breakpoint is not captured and shown as grey. Normal js files can be captured. I’ve tried with type Lua in the launch.json file but that only runs that specific file and shows error, not the full project.

Prosody plugin files are run on server side by prosody. They are not part of the jitsi meet web app.

ok. Do you mean in jicofo need to add breakpoint?

You can add log outputs and run prosody in debug mod

sorry @emrah. can you please elaborate on the process? from where to run prosody ?

Prosody plugin files are run on server side by prosody

ok, and can you tell me in Jicofo where (path/filename) all the stanza / IQ messages are being created to send to prosody?

There are many places doing that, the logic stars here: jicofo/ConferenceIqHandler.kt at b6396a97ed89fa5e65d61302cc81962965dadd8b · bgrozev/jicofo · GitHub
This is the first IQ received from clients.

Thank you. I am checking these, also I’ll ask for help again in case of in which file should I add module hooks for prosody events for my own features to be added :slightly_smiling_face:

What I want to accomplish is that when any moderator grants access to another user as Moderator I want to generate log for these events in Jicofo, so was trying to get prosody events for that to capture, in Jicofo where can I get those prosody XMPP events stanzas in?