How to debug Jitis proejcts?


I am new to Jitsi and I need to know how to debug and continue developing on top of Jitsi projects. Such as Jitsis meet for desktop, iOS, Android and the web applications. specifically I need to know what kind of IDE you guys use to develop each application and on which platform.

Thank you for your help.

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If you are asking about debugging you normally do that from a web browser, so the IDE doesn’t matter, whatever you prefer.
For web you just run webpack-dev-server, open https://localhost:8080 and that’s it, it reloads on code changes and you use the browser to debug. Something similar is with mobile, where you just see the ui on a mobile device, but the mobile team can give more details if needed.


Thanks damencho, @mobileteam please let us know if you guys have different process of debugging and developing the mobile apps.

Thank you