How to cuztomise jitsi homepage when running on docker


I am running Jitsi using docker on my centOS server. I want to customize the look and feel and add more features, starting with home page customization. How to do that ?

Can anyone explain in detail ?

it seems you need some docker fundamental knowledge. Please refer, for example, to “access docker container file from host” or " Share Data Between the Docker Container and the Host"

Thanks for the reply. Looks there is some confusion. That doesn’t answer my question. I am not interested in knowing how and from where the docker image is fetching the files its showing including the web UI. I want to make changes to the docker image so that it uses my repo instead of where its fetching the files from.

Where in the codebase I need to make changes to be able to do that ?

I am able to successfully run the image on my website using this link:- GitHub - jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet: Jitsi Meet on Docker

Now i want to make changes so that it shows my custom landing page instead of the default one.

Now it’s more clear as first post.
Into standard package Jitsi Meet UI files are in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/
So you can customize it and create your own docker image

Thanks for the quick response. Is there a simpler way in which I can just point the docker file to my github repo and it will build the image directly using the files present in my github repo ?

Like docker-compose up -d should build the images from my repos instead of the default file locations ?

I think you can’t do that.
My advise is to share the UI directory to docker container from host and update it you using git