How to customize web ui in jitsi meet docker

Hello jitsi meet team

I instilled docker on my server and it working
I have 2 question

  1. how to customize my web ui hone page so that i can change home page according to my work
  2. How to atteche self sign certificate

docker inspect <your web container name
in my case docker-jitsi-meet_web_1 so run docker inspect docker-jitsimeet_web_1
this will open a file in terminal which gives full info of your container with id and everything.
slowly navigate to the “Mount” key which has “type” = " bind" . and now just cd to that source because .jitsi-meet-cfg is hidden actually.

just run
cd /home/usr/ec2-user/.jitsi-meet-cfg/web you have to find the hidden directory inside the docker folder that’s it
i think this could help you