How to customize the lobby page

Hello please help me to customize the lobby page.

I use self-hosted jitsi in ubuntu but I use that as an Iframe(external API ) on another website, does anyone have any suggestions regarding the link(how to change the link) / how to edit the lobby page. (i.e. want to remove the link from here )

Either override the CSS using this technique, Change Text on Initial Page (Home) or build from source, make changes and redeploy: [How to] How to build Jitsi Meet from source: A developer's guide

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Did you have any luck whit this?
I don’t want to show to the public the address of the jitsi server/room. It makes jitsi prone to attacks. I would like to hide the link and the message.

This post helped me to hide the copy & invite. But it’s only to hide, the link itself is still in page.