How to customize Screen-share option in Jitsi and prioritize Browser option?

How to make browser-tab open first in jitsi customization in edge, chrome and other browser.
Anyway to customize it.

Not sure what you want. What would you like to prioritize and how?

How to customize it while sharing screen and show browser tab first ?
How can I make only browser section to display.

I don’t think that is possible. That dialog is controlled by Chrome, not us. There are some options we can use when calling getDisplayMedia, but I don’t think what you want is possible.

DO you have any proof regarding it

A proof that something doesn’t exist…?

Oh Sir, It is sad that we cannon manipulate it by any means.
In edge , I need it to show Browser option first and others option at last

Look at the getDisplayMedia documentation on MDM.

I look at that but not found way to manipulate it, it’s only says cannot do it

I told you it’s NOT possible,