How to customize my server?

Hey, I have been looking through the codebase and trying out jitsi for a while now, but I still feel a bit lost.

The task that I am currently trying to accomplish is logging connection statistics to a database. But it feels that my main problem is not understanding the structure of jitsi and the intended workflow well enough.

What is the Jitsi Meet API? What is the other Jitsi Meet API?

It appears that the former inserts an iframe of the page while the latter is some lower level API that’s used on the jitsi web page itself.

So, if I am going to add some logging feature, I should find where are the scripts that use the second API, which is seemingly compiled as the app bundle, correct? How should I do that? I found the instructions for changing the API, but it seems that the second API exposes enough of WebRTC internals to get the actual stats and more without changing the jitsi lib.

Sorry about the fragmented thought and random questions, maybe there is just some wiki that explains what is what and how it is intended to be used?