How to customize menu options with shortcode to be used on LearnPress

Is it possible to customize options of the atendantees’ menu with a shortcode: disable invitation, disable record meeting, share screen, mute all, live stream? LearnPress (Eduma)

Eg.: [jitsi-meet-wp name=”ROOM NAME” width=“700” height=“700”]

Please, help me!

These are configurable on /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js

Sorry! I didn’t understand.

Is there a shortcode to use on a WordPress/LearnPress (Eduma) to customize options of the atendantees’ menu: disable invitation, disable record meeting, share screen, mute all, live stream?

I’ve got the shortcode bellow, and it works, but all the options on the atendantees menu are open.

[jitsi-meet-wp name=”ROOM NAME” width=“700” height=“700”]

Is it to continue the shortcode above to disable some functions?

I don’t know LearnPress but it’s possible to customize Jitsi UI using some params on the link.

See the following topic for more details
How to customize meeting options

LearnPress is the something like WordPress. I saw a lot of options on that link, but I really don’t know how to insert them in the shortcode bellow. Can you help me?

[jitsi-meet-wp name=”ROOM NAME” width=“700” height=“700”]

Do you have a self-hosted Jitsi server or do you use the public server (

Public server.

Is there a place to configure Jitsi on LearnPress? Maybe it’s possible to change the settings from the admin panel

There’s a plugin called Jitsi WordPress Setting but I don’t have any idea how to use it.

It seems that there is not such option. Could you try this

[jitsi roomname="mychatroom#config.prejoinPageEnabled=false&interfaceConfig.HIDE_INVITE_MORE_HEADER=true"]

Just a minute, I’ll try this one.
Nope! It doesn’t work.
I got this error: It was impossible to find the server IP address jitsi%20roomname%3D .
When I click on SAVE the shortcode that I entered disappears and I get the error above even though I wrote the name of the room properly.
I made some minor changes on the shortcode. Now the page leaves a blank space where the video frame should be.

[jitsi roomname=` "nameoftheroom” config.prejoinPageEnabled=false&interfaceConfig.HIDE_INVITE_MORE_HEADER=true]