How to customize invitation email >Conference ID

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In this new update from Jitsi, there is the part of sending the meeting invitation via email.

So that
-Can this conference ID be customized?

-Can the conference ID be attached to the mail?

This as other video conferencing applications do for example: MS Teams

If possible, in this case who generates the ID the pbx or jigasi?

The conference mapper generates the id.

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thks Damencho,

then jigasi is the the supply conference ID, from what i understand.

is correct?

And How can I customize the conference id? and where??

The conference mapper is external service that generates the id when supplied with meeting name. When someone dials in the IVR contacts the same service to get the meeting name from the conference id which the user entered with dtmfs and then when dialing it into jigasi the name is sent to jigasi as custom sip headers.

Take a look here for more examples how it works: Guide for setting up Jigasi with Voximplant
You can replace the conference mapper with your own implementation and modify whatever you feel right.

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thks Damencho