How to create the effects

I want to create the Presenter Effect but i can’t find this function “createPresenterEffect” in (JitsiConference,JitsiConnection,JitsiMeetJS and JitsiLocalTrack) i used lib-jit-si CDN library

<script src=""></script>
that was really appreciable if anyone help me to solve this issue

That effect is implemented in Jitsi Meet, not lib-jitsi-meet. You can check it on the main source code repo:

can you guide me how to use this feature in my project because i can’t figure out to use the jitsi/jitsi-meet in my project due to i just never found the any CDN or module of jitsi/jitsi-meet or there is another way to use jitsi/jitsi-meet my project are in vue js 2 for desktop application.